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Justin Bieber - Nothing Like Us ( Jelena ) (by Mariebelle J.)

Justin Bieber - Nothing Like Us Fan Made ( Jiley Version ) (by Mariebelle J.)

Bahasa Iklan 

Pengertian Bahasa Iklan

Iklan biasanya diartikan sebagai usaha manusia dalam menyampaikan gagasan, produk atau jasa, yang ditujukan pada sasaran tertentu, melalui media massa, yang mengharapkan keuntungan tertentu, dan memiliki sponsor yang jelas.

Iklan dapat pula diartikan sebagai pemberitahuan kepada khalayak / orang ramai mengenai barang atau jasa yang dijual dan dipasang di dalam media massa, seperti surat kabar / koran, majalah dan media elektronik seperti radio, televisi dan internet. Dari pengertian iklan tersebut dapat disimpulkan bahwa iklan dibuat dengan tujuan untuk menarik perhatian dan mendorong atau membujuk pembaca iklan agar memiliki atau memenuhi permintaan pemasang iklan.

Iklan memiliki tujuan komunikasi dan periklanan, gagasan utama atau inti konsepnya menjual. Selain itu, iklan memiliki sasaran iklan, informasi penunjang, rumusan strategi (tema, daya tarik, eksekusi), dan daya tarik periklanan.

Iklan yang memiliki daya tarik termasuk iklan yang berguna untuk memancing tanggapan (respons) dari konsumen. Supaya berdaya tarik maka materi iklan diterjemahkan dalam eksekusi iklan. Dalam hal ini, kategori yang dipakai rasional dan emosional, atau kombinasi keduanya.

Ciri Ciri Bahasa Iklan

> Menggunakan bahasa yang mempangaruhi orang untuk membeli suatu produk
> Menggunakan bahasa yang menarik orang untuk mengetahuinya
> Kalimatnya singkat hanya menonjolkan bagian-bagian yangdipentingkan
> Uraian bersifat objektif, informatif dan persuasif

Buku Bahasa Indonesia SMK / MAK Setara Tingkat Unggul Kelas XII
1 year ago
- January 15, 2013
#soft skills #gunadarma

a mini SPOILER, LANGUAGE ALERT! Review: Breaking Dawn Part II 

I actually can’t believe it. I went to the nearest theatre, and saw that Breaking Dawn is now playing. You have no idea. I’ve been waiting for this movie since 2008, right after Twilight. And guess what ? THE STORY IS FUCKING AMAZING.

Watch The Trailer here.

So, i will cut the crap. If you don’t want to, you know read it, or you want to… you know… well. just don’t read it if you don’t want to.

At the beginning of the movie, Bella turned to a skinny beautiful vampire with very very red eyes. He hugged Edward and he was like “you’re now stronger” or “you have to be more careful with me” or something like that. Because Bella was actually hugging him like, really tight. And after that, they’re hunting for blood. They’re = Bella and Edward. So, they went to the forest. DAMN CHICKA, Bella ran like a racer car. SO FUCKIN FAST. And she found the right target, i think it was a moose or something. But then her nose caught another blood… Human Blood. But Edward stopped her and she went back to the forest and when she decided to kill this moose, she killed this tiger instead. And the moose ran like “THANK YOU SO MUCH YOU BITCH FOR SAVING ME FROM THIS FUCKING TIGER OR LION WHATEVER. I’M GONE.” and things like that. After that they went back to see Renesmee. And guess what ? Jacob told Bella that Jacob is like imprinted to Renesmee. The whole Cullens were like, “Oh it’s gonna be so fun” and things like that. And Bella hit him like a couple times. Bella is now stronger remember ? Oh and Renesmee is like growing every single fucking day. One day Charlie or Bella’s dad looking for her, after months, He was so fucking worried. Since the Wedding, Bella never called him. And Jacob went to tell him that she’s dead, but turns out, he doesn’t want to hurt Charlie, so he decided to tell him that Bella is now changed, and show Charlie that he’s a werewolf. Like a fucking mad guy, Charlie was like freaking out when Jacob took all of his clothes, AWKWARD. and turned to a werewolf. And Charlie was like freaking out.

I’m not gonna tell the rest of the story. so, let’s just get to the part.

Next day, i think, well, Tanya asked Irina to ask for a forgiveness. You remember when Jacob or Edward, i forgot killed her boyfriend or husband ? Yep, since then Irina hates The Cullen. But turns out, Irina has to see Bella play with Renesmee and Jacob. and She thought that Renesmee is an immortal kid. which is forbidden. Because there’s this history. I’m not gonna tell you, it’s pretty hard to tell. And then she ran away and went to Italy, and tell the Volturi, of course. and That’s when Alice saw the future. and see that Volturi is coming. So The Cullen decided to call all of their friends all around the world, from Amazon, Denali, And others to be their witness, not fight. The first coven is Denali. They brought Renesmee and Jacob. And The Denali was like “CRAP KILL THAT KID.” But Edward and Bella stopped them then explain. And Renesmee touched Kate’s cheek ( oh, this touch thing is like her special ability, they way she communicate and kinda show people that she’s not pure vampire ) and that’s when they realized, she’s not a 100% vampire. And another vampire came and came like from all around the world. And guess what ? ALICE AND JASPER GONE. Die ? No. Run Away ? No. Hunting ? Nope. Then What ? Not yet you fool.

So let’s cut the crap again. After all of Vampire around the world. And The Volturi came, with Irina of course. Aro looking around for Alice, but he can’t find her anywhere. So Carlisle stepped forward to talk to Aro, but He refused, he wanted Edward to explain it himself, since he’s Renesmee’s father. Then he stepped forward, and Aro hold his hand. you know to read his mind. And after that Aro finally realized, and he wanted Renesmee to step forward and show it herself. She, Bella, Jacob and also Emmet ( who actually lost against bella’s power ) stepped forward to Aro and Renesmee or Nessie ( Jake call her Nessie ) touched Aro’s cheek. And it’s all true. So Cauis Volturi wanted Irina to step forward, and Irina admitted that it was a mistaken. And guess what ? Well, i will left you cliffhanger hahahahaha they killed her.

And The Denali were like freaking out, they wanted to kill the Volturi but Edward and others stopped them. After that i think Caius still wanted a fight. But Alice came. YEAAAAAAAY LIFE SAVEEEERRR. Well, not really. Wait, SHE IS A LIFE SAVER. YES FUCKING YES.
Alice came with Jasper, of course, and Aro asked her to stepped forward and held her hand to see the future, you know Aro’s ability right ? Okay so, after that she jumped and kicked Aro, and the Volturi killed her, and Carlisle like fucking crazy jumped, and met Aro in the air and Aro killed him. And the fight began, Seth, Leah, Jane, Alec dead. and guess what ? Marcus dead too. And this is my favorite part. When there’s 2 other vampire wanted to kill Marcus, he was like spread his arms and said, “finally” it’s like he’s tired to live forever. HAHA if you see it, you will understand. So Nessie and Jacob Ran away, Bella wanted her to be safe, and Alice with her genius idea, made passport for both of them, so they can ran away. So back to the war. After Caius dead, Aro mad and started to kill them, But Edward and Bella became a team and Aro dead. And guess what, THAT WAS ALL IN ALICE’S HEAD. So Carlisle still alive and also the rest of them. It was just, you know, prediction. And Aro was like scared. like total scared. Holy fuck and he was like cancelling it. And Alice brought someone from i don’t know where, and there are 2 people a boy and a girl. So, i finally figured out why She left. She ran away to find another Half Vampire and Half Human. And after that they talked a while. the Volturi finally left, with Aro still wanted Alice and Bella to be part of Volturi. oh Man, after that, THEY LIVE HAPPILY EVER AFTEEEEER

So haha sorry for the spoiler. This movie is just fucking AWESOME. And I give 9 out of 10. Because it’s actually not 100% based on the novel. Oh yeah babe, i read the novel too. Way before Breaking Dawn Part I.
And my favorite character beside bella, edward, jacob, renesmee and other old characters, is…

She’s the electric girl haha
And Marcus, and Aro, and Alec, and ALL the peeps are amazing there!
I just can’t believe that it’s actually end. Whoa sad :(
Hope to find another story like this and Harry Potter. So, my life won’t be that boring. PEACEE

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Dalam remang…
Tersudut ku melawan waktu
Berkecamuk dalam hasrat sepi
Dalam hamparan sunyi

Seolah semua luruh
Saat kau hadir

Menepis rindu dalam kesendirianku
Dalam abad yang berlalu
Nafasmu menghadirkan
Kedamaian dalam hidupku

1 year ago
- November 2, 2012
#soft skills #gunadarma

Hurricane Sandy’s New York City Death Toll Climbs to 40 as city attempts to return to normalcy 

Police work the scene on McLoughlin Street where the bodies of two young boys who drowned during Hurricane Sandy were recovered. November 1, 2012.

The city’s Hurricane Sandy death toll climbed to 40 Thursday as the city struggled to find some sort of post-superstorm normalcy.

“Terrible. Absolutely terrible,” said NYPD Commissioner Raymond Kelly. “It just compounds all the tragic aspects of this horrific event.”

The Moore boys, Connor, 4, and Brandon, 2, were swept from their mother Glenda’s arms on Father Capodanno Boulevard. The bodies were recovered about 20 yards apart Thursday morning in a marsh near McLaughlin St. – where their mother came out to identify the bodies in a heart-rending reunion.

People stranded in Hoboken without power wait for the New York Waterways ferry on Nov. 1, 2012, while the blacked out Manhattan skyline looms in the background. Con Edison reported 827,622 outages across the five boroughs, with more than 270,000 without power in Manhattan alone.

The mother’s sister told the Daily News that Glenda Moore banged on doors looking for help Monday after the boys disappeared, only to find indifference in the 90 mph winds and raging waters.

An elderly couple was also found dead inside a partially submerged car on Staten Island as the city’s smallest borough continued to suffer a disproportionate amount of death and destruction.

Gov. Cuomo said he would not be surprised if the death toll from Hurricane Sandy rises as the cleanup continues.

“Some of these areas are so devastated - some of the places like in Breezy Point, Long Beach - are so devastated, it is very possible they are buried in the remains,” Cuomo said during an interview on an Albany radio station.

As the blackout entered its fourth day for some New Yorkers, officials said power would be restored by Saturday to lower Manhattan. Turning the lights back on will take a little longer in the outer boroughs and northern suburbs. About 650,000 people remained without power Thursday.

Crews prepared Thursday to pump out the Brooklyn-Battery Tunnel, flooded to its ceiling during the worst of the Monday’s night storm surge, as attention turned toward undoing the damage done along the East River.

Police work the scene on McLoughlin Street where the bodies of two young boys who drowned during Hurricane Sandy were recovered. November 1, 2012.

The mayor’s edict barring cars with less than three people from entering Manhattan get city streets moving while creating massive traffics jams in New Jersey, the outer boroughs and the suburbs. On the Belt Parkway, drivers sat in a four-mile traffic jam that further frayed already worn nerves.

“I can’t believe they are doing this,” vented motorist Lenn Cabalos, as he sat trapped in his Hyundai.

“This must be the dumbest idea ever. It’s made everything worse. It’s going to be hours before I get the nine miles I need to travel.”

The lines were even longer at local gas stations, where cars lined up along gas can-toting folks seeking to keep their generators going as the blackout stretched into its fourth day.

Cuomo said restoring transit systems and electrical service remain the top operations this morning.

“Traffic is really terrible and that is aggravating the situation because you’re trying to move emergency vehicles around,” Cuomo said.

But the governor declined to criticize the decision to hold the New York City Marathon on Sunday.

“It is a balance on all these things,” Cuomo said. “You want to get the work done quickly at the same time you don’t want to be debilitated and you don’t want to hurt the economy more than you have to and the marathon is a big deal,’ Cuomo said. “So I’ll leave that to the local officials.”

NY Daily News
1 year ago
- November 2, 2012
#soft skills #gunadarma

The Cab and Maroon 5 Live in Jakarta! 


So, i went to their concert in Jakarta on October 4th 2012 at Istora Senayan Jakarta.

i got the ticket for free, because i bought a brand new HP laptop, HP Envy. and they were giving away free tickets if you bought it.
i got there around 4 PM, the gate open at 6PM. and you know what ? there’s already a pretty big line around the gate

and at 6 PM, we got in the arena and they gave us a paper fan.
So, we had to stand in line again to get in to the stadium. There’s already a very long line. And it was about to rain, so we got in to the stadium early. Once we got in to the stadium, again, we have to stand in line again to got in to the venue. So around 7, we got in the venue. I sat at the second row. And guess what ? It was the best seat ever! I can say, it’s pretty close to the stage!

Sooo around 8PM, The Cab as the opening act sang about 6 songs. Temporary Bliss, Bad, Bounce, Endlessly, Animal, and La La

It’s not a HQ picture from my phone.

I can’t help but sing along. The Cab is one of my favorite bands ever. And they promised us to come back to Indonesia sooner or later. I just can’t wait omg!! And they were soooo hot. i can’t take my eyes off of them. You need to check em out if you haven’t!

after they sang 6 songs, they leave the stage and about 15 minutes or 30 minutes, Maroon 5 is on stage. They sang about 20 songs. Payphone as the opening, Makes Me Wonder, Lucky Strike, Sunday Morning, If I Never See Your Face Again, Wipe Your Eyes. Wont Go Home Without You, Skrillex, Harder To Breath, Wake Up Call, One More Night, Hands All Over, Misery, This Love, Seven Nations Army, She Will Be Loved, Stereo Hearts, daylight, Dont You Want Me / Sexy Back (Medley), and it ended with Gangnam Style / Moves Like Jagger.
i love when Adam said “No Fucking Gangnam Style” haha it was cool!

Maroon 5 Live in Jakarta 4th October 2012

The concert or the show were awesome, the lights, the sounds, they were great. Thumbs up for once again my favorite concert promoter, JAVAmusikindo. i never ever disappointed with this promoter ever.
That was the best and unforgettable moment i’ve ever had. Since i missed their last concert last year. It was awesome!
Hope they will come here again next year. I can’t wait!
Have a nice day!

Pictures all by me.

new episode, new cast. here’s Glee season 4! 

ALOHAAA, so this morning, i downloaded the newest season and the newest episode of Glee! Yes it’s Glee Season 4 Episode: The New Rachel. It takes hours for me to download it, but it worth it! In this first episode, the writer of Glee, Ryan Murphy decided to introduce some of new cast on glee, such as Cassandra July ( Kate Hudson ), Rachel’s dance instructure. On glee, Cassandra also a professional broadway player. The way she’s teaching, is 100% the opposite from Will. She’s more like You did something wrong, even if it’s a little, i will kill you yeah, sort of like that. Her first performance on glee is Dance Again by Jennifer Lopez, with her dance skill and a little bit of sexiness she has. Say hello to A Monster, well, Rachel said so, Mrs July

Brody Weston ( Dean Geyer ), a junior in NYADA and will be Rachel’s love interest. I love the way Ryan showed him up for the first time. He’s. taking. a. shower. And that’s when it hit me, Rachel and Brody were in the same bathroom. And for your information, it’s like a locker room, but this one, there’s no girl’s locker room or boy’s locker room. Both are in the same bathroom, so don’t freak out! Ladies and Gentleman, meet the only and only Brody.

The third one, is probably will be one of my favorite, Marley Rose ( Melissa Benoist ). SHE’S A LOVELY GURL! Marley was auditioned for the new member of Glee Club, New Direction. She’s a poor girl, and she used to have NO friends at her school before got in to McKinley High. Her mom is a big woman, Lunch Lady. Her mom tried her best to hide her identity so, Marley can have a friend. But that’s pretty failed, when Marley decided to say it out loud at the cafetaria when some of her new friends insult her mom. Look at her, isn’t she lovely ? Oh and i think, she will be the new Rachel, not as the “Group Leader” but as the lead singer. Well, who knows ?

This one is Jake Puckerman ( Jacob Artist ). He’s a baddass guy, yeah, a bit like his brother, Puck, yes, Noah Puckerman. He auditioned for New Direction, but his behavior wasn’t acceptable, so he didn’t get in. But Will, try his best to make him join and don’t know how, he thought about change Jake’s behavior, like he did, to Puck.

This is Kitty ( Becca Tobin ). SHE’S MEAN POPULAR CHEERLEADER. ugh. I don’t like her AT ALL. but i love Becca. whatever. So, she’s a cheerleader, Sue told Kurt that she’s like a young Quinn, but this time, she’s not pregnant. She’s the one who started to insult Marley’s mom. And being bitchy all the time. On the last season, we have group of Boys to hate Glee Club, but this time, Kitty and 2 of her friends, are the one.

So the rest of the cast are the same, except, yeah right, the new glee project winner, Blake Jenner. He will be on the fifth episode of glee. and also, Damian McGinty. Rumour has it that He will be back on the thanksgiving episode. Let’s just wait and see. And for this episode, don’t you wish to see Finn, Santana, Quinn, Mercedes, Puck and Mike, i think they’re too busy with college life, well, who knows ? And at the end of this episodes, Kurt fly to New York to study or even have a job here, with Rachel. I don’t wanna talk too much, don’t want to give any spoilers for those who haven’t watch it. If you’re looking for a link to download, HERE. I’m being kind for now. So! Have a nice day!

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gangnam style! 

Have you ever heard about Gangnam Style? PSY? That korea guy? Well, if you haven’t go check this one

this gangnam style is like a new kind of Shuffle. Well, some people said it. And for me, i call it "Korean’s Shuffle". How did i found it ?

I went to twitter couple days ago, and saw some people talked about this PSY Guy beat Taylor Swift, One Direction, Rihanna, Katy Perry and Justin Bieber on Billboard Social 50 Music Charts. I really didn’t care about that, until yesterday, one of my following, more like Justin Bieber’s founder, Scooter Braun tweeted something about Gangnam Style and PSY. It’s actually weird to see that there’s a lot of famous people talked about this PSY guy, such as Britney Spears, Katy Perry and even the one and Only Ellen Degeneres. That’s when i found out that PSY is signed to Scooter Braun’s Island Def Jam Records! You know that Justin Bieber, Jennifer Lopez, Fall Out Boy are signed to that label too right ? So i went straight to youtube and found some Ellen Degeneres TV Shows Video about PSY Teaches Britney Spears a gangnam style. I was like. "OMG, It takes forever for One Direction to be on that shows, and PSY ??? like really ?" so, i clicked on the link, when it load, i looked up to the TV Screen and there he was, some Local TV Channel also talking about him. Who is this guy? So i paused the video and watched the TV for a while.

after about 30 minutes, the show is over, so i got back to my laptop and started the video.

And that’s when it hits me, HE CAME FROM KOREA. Like you know, there’s this k-pop / j-pop viruses all around Indonesia. But it’s not my thing. I’m not that kind of person that would like to see some boyband with that dance or something like that. Well, let’s just say that i’m not into Korea things. And PSY is the exception. For the first time, i like this korea stuffs. he’s waaaaay different than this boyband thing-y. no offense, i just don’t like Korea Boyband or Girlband. and for your information too, i don’t like any I-POP too, you know Indonesia boyband or girlband ? DUDE, just because K-Pop boyband viruses spread all around Indonesia, doesn’t mean you can make a boyband too, get some originality duhhh…
Alright, back to the topic.
I heard this radio interview with Psy, and i found out that this song Gangnam Style means style like rich people, you know, like classy people. And i also found out that he has twin kids! awe that’s cute isn’t it ?

My review for today is pretty much over, for now. I hate K-POP 99%, and the 1% is only for PSY! Hope to hear more from him!

this guy is hilarious! haha

Most Popular Baby Name to Justin Bieber to Unavailable. 

Okay, news flash. I love Yahoo! especially the news. So, this evening, i went to yahoo.com, and something caught my eyes.

And i clicked on it and read the article. oh so it’s actually talking about some popular names from 1911 and 2011.

"Popular baby names in the U.S. have changed dramatically over the past 100 years. But some things never change, including our nation’s love of the name "William."

Data from the Social Security Administration shows that virtually none of the top 20 most popular names from 1911 is still in the rankings in the most recent statistics from 2011.

For example, the most popular names in 2011 were “Jacob” for boys and “Sophia” for girls. But in 1911, they were “John” and “Mary.” Again, as mentioned above, neither “John” nor “Mary” even appears in the top 20 for 2011”

So i scrolled down the page, and guess what??


SEE ??? Yes of course you do.
i found there’s something weird, since i can’t find any “JUSTIN” on the list. You know Justin Bieber, right ? Baby baby baby… oooooooh yeah you do know him.

And i think i can guess 2012 Most Popular Baby Name, i’m sure it will be Liam, Louis, Niall, Harry, and Zayn. Oh wait, Liam is on the list too. Well, it will be on 2012 list too, since One Direction, Baby you light up my world like nobody else… or maybe BABY will also be one of the most popular baby name in 2012. Well who knows ?

So i scrolled down again and found some old names such as John, Mary, Joseph, Thomas, Edward and etc.

So i red the whole page and something caught my eye *cough* Justin *cough* Bieber *cough* on the right side of the page.

so i clicked on it and red the whole page, and i found out that Pattie ( Justin’s mom ) used to call him Jesse the whole pregnancy. whoa whoa there, Jesse Bieber. seems… no i don’t like it at all.

so in this page they talk about “Jesse” and also some interview, once i tried to watch the video, this is what they said:

I seriously freaked out. and hate it. and realized that it’s actually some video from VEVO which is available only for Canadian and American. sucks? yeah, you name it.

Most Popular Name
Justin “Jesse” Bieber